About Us

I created Shameless Reveal at a time when it was hard for many to find things to love and appreciate. In 2020, we hit a global pandemic and needless to say, all of our lives were changed. While some of us were adjusting to the new normal, others were adjusting to various changes to our skin. Whether it was new breakouts from wearing masks all the time, or bodily changes from being cooped up at home all day, we were all changing.

It felt like every day, there was something else going on with the news. I began to feel the stress of all of the events that were occurring around me, without knowing what to do and how to cope. I noticed many people to turn towards self care and efforts to protect their mental health, but I was struggling with ways to do so. As a mental health provider, I understand how important it is to maintain our mental health to the best of our ability, and how important self care and can be especially in the midst of chaos. But, as a regular person working full-time and balancing various things, the idea of making time for one more thing, like self care, was a daunting task. One thing that I have basically created a routine of is my shower and lotion process. I had begun the desire to stop paying into chemicals and start paying into myself. I began creating my own lotions, hair oils, body oils, body butters, facial creams, etc. And just like that, I began to form Shameless Reveal.

Something that many people do every day is shower (or every few days, it's COVID lol). But sometimes we forget that our skin needs to be replenished after all the stripping a shower does (not to mention all the frequent hand washing). I figured, what better way to begin this path of self-care, and most importantly, self-love, than to begin giving that love and attention to our skin through something we already do everyday? I believe that every person should love their skin and feel beautiful in their skin while creating skin that feels beautiful to the touch. My goal is that while caring for your skin, you begin the process of also caring for your whole self and especially your mental health. This is where self-care and self-love meet. This is where I hope your journey begins.

-Amauchechi Ihenacho